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My Story

My name is Jacob Peterson and I am graduate from College of Southern Nevada with an Associates in Film & Television. I am continue my education towards a bachelors degree in film at the University of Las Vegas Nevada.

Since I was young I wanted to create meaningful art, whether that be drawings, paintings, or the occasional stop motion. I created for myself although now I enjoy being commissioned to create for others. Art is an emotion that should be shared.

Currently, I have been apart of many student films. I look forward to being involved in more commercial projects. In the future, I would like to be doing video work to sustain myself and provide for new opportunities.

When I’m not filming, I enjoy being with my friends and family and having a good time. They help keep me balanced in life and push me to being the best I can be.

Jacob Peterson

Photographer - Multi-Medium Illustrator - Graphic Designer - Cinematographer

"No man is an island"

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