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Songwriter - Recording Artist - Event Coordinator - Model - Film Director - Screenwriter - Digital Marketer - Web Designer


"Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence"

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My Story 

Born and raised the youngest of 4 in Seattle WA. I've been writing songs, books, and creating movies since I can remember. Not everything was a masterpiece but I've always had a strong love for the arts. In 2014 I created UDE which was the collective that eventually merged with KP's Kreative Kollective Kompund to form JuiceBox ENT. In 2017 I moved to Vegas, started studying film and working for Kim Couture as a social media marketer and web designer. But I'd have to say my greatest accomplishment to date is co-founding thePlace along with Teran Lind and KP. Las Vegas' very own YMCA for the creative mind. But don't fret, I've got plenty more coming. Enjoy the rise of cuddlethot and the JuiceBox Kollective!

My Jam 

Top 8 Inspirations

Performed by me 

My Work 

Curated by me 

JuiceBox Ent
JuiceBox Ent
JuiceBox Ent

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